We want to earn your business every month.  We develop the best plan to meet your targeted business demand. We have easy to understand pricing and plans you can trust.


Our mission at Lovefield Marketing is to create compelling effective content and results. We want to reach new heights with your digital marketing so you can keep building. Your success is our success.


Real people work on your account. At Lovefield Marketing customer comes first. From social media marketing, web design, small business development coaching and Facebook advertising we work with our clients to get results.

Over 1,000 U.S. businesses were

asked if they considered their digital

marketing to be effective...

~ 2016 Marketing Trends Report 

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Our Process. 

Three steps to knowing, taking control, and igniting your digital marketing.


It begins with zeroing in on your audience, identifying your true value offering, and creating strategies to build relationship with them—not just sales. Relationship leads to brand loyalty—what you want most.


We tailor digital/social media marketing solutions and create relevant content/media to bring heightened awareness and ignite conversions. Then we deploy digital tools where every result is trackable


Stay up-to-the-minute on the performance of the campaign through data tracking and continuously managing, adjusting and optimizing to your advantage, creating knowledge (analytics) for use in the development of future marketing.

If all you're getting from your digital marketing is sales, it's costing you too much.

Digital marketing needs to increase sales, but that's just half the story. The power of data from your digital campaign helps you better identify, engage and serve your customers, building lasting relationships to ignite your business growth.